Creating a long-lasting plan for your family is imperative to a successful life both emotionally and financially after divorce. The Collaborative Law Process provides an opportunity to take control, make decisions, consider financial options, and create a durable plan that will secure the future of your family.



The Collaborative Law Process is a clearly-defined team approach that takes place in a confidential and private environment. The team consists of you and your spouse, each of your attorneys, a mental health neutral, and a financial neutral. The goals and interests of the individuals are explored and the couple decides what their family needs - not a judge.


You and your spouse make a commitment to each other and your family TODAY that you will approach divorce in a positive and respectful manner which will minimize the negative impact on you and your children. Contact a trained Collaborative Law Professional in our directory and take the first step toward making the best decision for your family’s future today.


Trained Collaborative Law Professionals located here in Central Florida, are dedicated to helping families transition through divorce in a protected, family-focused manner.  Browse through the directory of Collaborative Professionals and call one today to get more information.

Collaborative Practitioner (Lawyer)

The Collaborative lawyers listed in the Directory, have been specially trained in the Collaborative Law Process, and have often completed hundreds of hours of advanced training as well.  A Collaborative Practitioner is a family law lawyer trained in problem-solving, conflict resolution, negotiation and advocacy.  The Collaborative Practitioner will be your advocate and will meet with you to guide you throughout the process, educate you regarding the law, and prepare all the necessary documents to complete your divorce.

Mental Health Neutral (Facilitator)

The Mental Health  professionals listed in the Directory are  licensed Mental Health Professionals  that have been specially trained in the Collaborative Law Process and have often completed many hours of advanced collaborative training.  A Mental Health Neutral facilitates each meeting, manages the emotions in the room, keeps the meetings on-schedule and productive, and meets with the couple outside the team meetings, if necessary,  to assist with specific issues including Parenting Plans.


Financial Neutral

The Financial Neutral professionals listed in the Directory are individually licensed financial professionals that have received special training in the Collaborative Law Process and have often completed many hours of advanced collaborative training as well.  The Financial Neutral attends the team meetings, assists in gathering and organizing the financial information, creates workbooks containing spreadsheets and analyses, educates the couple about their finances, and assists in developing options, prompting discussions and negotiations.


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